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The largest and most visited Gay Sauna.

Its the biggest and best equipped gay sauna after

an immense reconstruction that was neccessary

after the 2002 flood catastrophy that occured

in Prague.

We offer 3 floors of mazes, dark rooms,

tv rooms, finish sauna, steam rooms, our famouse LABYRINTH OF STEAM for cruising and relaxation.

Come, visit the most best and biggest sauna

in the heart of Europe for the most unique

and one of a kind experience.

We promise that this will become your only one

and best Pragues relax and wellness destination.

Entry alloved only than 18 years !

No minors allowed !

From May 31, 2017, the new Act No. 65/2017 Coll.
On the protection of health from the harmful effects
of addictive substances, which restricts
tobacco smoking and electronic cigarettes.

Therefore we are obliged to introduce
a smoking ban throughout the sauna !

The offense may be punished by a fine of up to CZK 5,000 !!!


Jak se k nám dostanete

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Klikni na mapu pro zvětšení
a zadej si výchozí bod.
Nejbližší dopravní spojení :

- stanice metra  FLORENC - trasa C

- stanice metra  FLORENC nebo KŘIŽÍKOVA - trasa B
( pěšky z obou stanic metra cca. 6 minut )

- zastávka tramvaje KARLÍNSKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ
linky 3, 8, 24 a noční linka 52
( pěšky od tramvaje cca. 3 minuty )

- autobusová zastávka FLORENC
bus 133 , 135 , 175 ,   294 , 504 , 509 , H2
( pěšky cca. 6 minut )

- Masarykovo nádraží
možnost pokračovat tramvají 3 nebo metrem trasa B, nebo asi 15 minut pěšky

- Willsonovo ( HLAVNÍ ) nádraží
možnost pokračovat metrem trasa C )
nebo pěšky cca. 15 minut )

- autobusové nádraží FLORENC
projdete-li východem kudy odjíždějí autobusy,
dostanete se rovnou do ulice PERNEROVA
( pěšky cca. 5 minut )


Parties and Promotions


It is forbidden to wear underwear, swimsuit, and to use your own towels !


Violation of these rules is a reason for expulsion

from the sauna !

Thanks for your understanding




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