Q: Can i walk with a towel during the naked party?
A: Unfortunately that wouldnt be a naked party than right? Dont worry, you'll get a towell when you ready to leave. Otherthan that, dont be shy. Its naked party!

Q: What day do you have the most people in the sauna?
A: Everyday. We had days like monday when we were suprised, we had days like wednesday when our naked party is very popular.  There is simply no honest answer to this one. The think I would recommend is to come and enjoy the sauna as it is. Keep your expectations real and simply enjoy the wellness. But I can tell you that we always have people in the sauna ;-)

Q: Are girls allowed in the sauna?
A: Unfortunately its a man sauna only. Sorry, thats the nature of things.

Q: What time do you have the most guests inside?
A: Its very hard to answer this one. We had days when there was a line outside waiting to get inside and we had days when 20 guys showed up 1 hour before closing time. There is no set time. People are unredictable. They come and go.

Q: Can I leave the sauna and come back?
A: Unfortunately no. Our system, register and setup doesnt currently allow us to manage multiple entries.


Q: Is your sauna really really the biggest and best in Prague?
A: Yes it is! Biggest, newest, feshest. And now that we've been in business quiet some time also the most popular.


Q: How long can I stay in the sauna once i pay the entrace fee?

A: Our entrance fee isnt time based. You can stay until the opening hours says.


Q: Whats the difference between cabin and a private cabin?
A: We have a few open cabins. Cabins that everyone can use and than we have private cabins. Only you will have the key to that one.