First time visitor?

10 siple rules of an educated guest ... excert from our rules and regulations guide:
- please ring the bell and wait for the door to open.
- please proceede down the steps and wait again for the personel to open the door or rign the bell again.
- AFTER you pay the entrace fee you will get a towell, microchip bracelet with the number of your tab and the key to your locker
- Press the microchip bracelet to the sensor next to the turniket and after the green arrow appears move forward to the lockers
- Please put donw your shoes and using the key use the lockes to undress
- check properly if you locked the locker and than take your valuables to the small safe deposit boxes in the hallway.
-  DRINKS, FOOD is allowed only in the BAR AREA!
-  Before using the wellness facilities please take the SHOWER!
- Please do not take off the bracelett as it contains the number of your tab. You will be requiered to pay for the drinks after youre leaving.
- When leaving the sauna, please leave the locker open. Thank you!

NOTICE! Turniket will allow you to go through only once. So please do not chaos or panic ;-) Simply put the microship next to the sensor. Wait for the green arrow and than proccede thorugh it.

How to act in the wellness area.

- Please MAKE SURE to CLOSE THE DOOR when entering and leaving any SAUNA or STEAM ROOM!
- No sexual behavoir is permited in sauna.
- Please shower before you enter the whirpool!
- Please shower after you get out of the whirpool! Its good hygiene!
- Do not enter the sauna or steam room wet. Dry off for a better sauna result!
- Pleas dont use the sauna as a tower dryer. It will elevate the humidity and the engine will shut off! And than we have to charge you damages. And we dont want that!
- Do not PISS or POUR Water onto the heating unit. YES, unbeleavable but it did happend ;-)
- In the sauna, please use the towel to sit on it. We recommend a max. of 15minutes to be in the sauna.
- Please do not use any shampoos or any cosmetics in the wellness area. You can use the showers next to the lockers for that.
- Please enter the steam room, with out the towel!

Please be tolerant to other guests and thus do not open the doors just for fun! We have glass doors for that reason, so you can see who is inside and wheter its interesting for you to enter. Understand that when opening and closing the doors with out a valid reason you letting out the heat that others enjoy and you will look silly. And you dont want that do you? ;-)

Other than that, we wish you a happy stay in our sauna. Lots of relaxation and heat. One way or another ;-) Enjoy guys!