Finish Sauna

Finish Sauna - to the left

Finish Sauna is a dry sauna with temerature 100-110ºC
Bio Sauna has a certain level of humidity and the temperature is 55-60ºC


The finish sauna is a typically dry sauna. It is therefore necessary for the guests to take a shower and properly dry before they enter the sauna. Only than will you experience the benefits of the sauna. Also the body absorbs the heat better if you dry and not wet. If several undryed guests enter the sauna it will raise the humidity levels and the heating element will shut it self off, thus compromising the sauna for other guests. So please be one of our good guests and follow this simple intsructions as to enjoy our saunas the most.

Some basic rules and guidelines for enjoying our sauna:
- Please take a shower and dry up properly before entring our saunas.
- ABSOLUTELY no Luid or sexual behaviour please!

Our saunas have glass doors, so there is no reason to open the door and peak inside only to find out the same think you can see from outside. Please be kind and tolerant to other guests who enjoy a properly heated sauna!


Take a shower and dry up.

Sauna taking:

Sit confortably down or lay down. Once you start to sweat, masage or rub your self lightly to help the process along.

Maximum amount of time recommended is 15minutes. You should feel good in the sauna. So once you feel lightheaded or heavy please leave the sauna immediately.

Cooldown period:

Use the cold showers to close the skin. Dry up and do a little light stretching. Than take short break at the bar or upstairs in the relaxation cabins before you go for next round. You should drink plenty of fluids.

2. and 3. phase:

To get the real effect of a sauna you should make at least 3 rounds of sauna and cooldown.


After the third phase you should take a good shower with soap and dry up. And than take a nice long break before you decide to go out or get back to your home or hotel.