Bio Sauna - the door to the right

Finish Sauna is a sauna with dry air and the temperature from 90-110ºC
Bio Sauna je has a certain level of humidity and the temerature is 50-60ºC


Biosauna is simply put a combination of a finish and steam sauna. Because the temerature is lower and the humidity levels are higher its the perfect sauna for clients with sick heart condition.

Guide lines  for using the sauna
- Please use the shower before you enter the sauna
- You should enter the sauna dry, do please dry up before you enter the sauna.
- No luid or sexual behaviour is permited in the sauna! Please respect that. Thanks.
- A sauna is not a dryer for the towels or your personal belognings.
- ABSOLUTELY no pouring water or any other manipulation with the heating unit!

Our saunas have glass doors, so there is no reason to open the door and peak inside only to find out the same think you can see from outside. Please be kind and tolerant to other guests who enjoy a properly heated sauna!