Steam room with aromatherapy and ocean salt

Rules for using the aromatherapy stem room!

- A maximum of 6 people please!

- Pleas enter with out the towel.

- Dont open the door needlesly. You can see through, why are you opening it?

- We recommend to stay in the steam for a maximum of 15minutes.

Even the old Romans knew the secret to a healthy skin. In this while cabin you will enjoy the most best aromatherapy and ocean salt therapy ever. Your sinuses will clear, your tired body will recuperate and you will feel like an entirely new person!

Even doctors recommend to use the steam room as it can help the astmatics, reumatics and others...

The biggest benefit of a steam room is the care for your skin. Your skin is being stretched by the heat. The skin opens and than when you go under the cold shower it tightens thus excersizes. Stays vigilant, fresh and tight!